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InSim Codebase Changes
Hi all,

Today I updated the InSim on Westhill to a new one which has a new "today stats" tracking system. To make this work I had to change a lot of the codebase and this brings a lot of bugs. Darkie, Bies and I spent some time testing it and we literally had InSim crashes with every little test we did. This is an explanation why the InSim crashed once on Westhill and it was restarted numerous times later.

Unfortunately it's not possible to test the InSim for us in every way on the Dev server because it's not exactly easy to win the jackpot for example, so you will have to deal with some possible crashes over the coming days. I think it's mostly stabilised now but the first few hours it can be rough.

All these troubles are here for a better and brighter future for RC so please live with lost bonuses and cancelled chases  Undecided

If you notice the InSim crashing at some point and you think you caused it: e.g. you typed a command and the InSim restarted please PM me with a short message of how you did it so I can track the problem and recreate it.

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Latest InSim version is now running across all servers. Weekly statistics are available on the website but this page will be changed.
[-] The following 10 users say Thank You to [RC] Povo for this post:
  • [RC] Aposki, Bies, [RC] DarkTuning, [RC] FSR-System, [RC] GeorgeForeman, [RC] Hawk, [RC] Hekazi, JAGG., PVL, [RC] robertr

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