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Administrator/Member clean up
Hello Everyone,

In the past few month we noticed, that some of our administrators and members are not as active as before, or in some cases just not here anymore at all.
This sometimes led to the strange situation of a full server with 30+ cruisers online and only one, or even no member/admin online at the same time to watch over them.

Therefore we decided to clean out the team of inactive members and admins with the big broom, to make room for new and active members.

This means we also removed some of our oldest members and admins (and friends) from the teamlist, which were very active and very helpful for the team in the past, but not in the last couple of month for whatever reasons.
This does not mean that you were excluded forever. When your life situation allows you to be active again and you show that you want to commit yourself to the team again, be sure that you are still welcome at [RC], since we already know you and your abilities. Smile

[RC] Team
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