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Full Version: LFS master server downtime
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Update 06/04/2018: Test Patch 0.6R8 claims to help against this trouble.
> Warning: Replays might not be working?


Hello cruisers,

The past two days the LFS master server has been a target of DDoS attacks, which makes it impossible to join any LFS server, and that of course includes our servers.

If you are still online you won’t be affected, but if you disconnect/time out/etc you won’t be able to reconnect for now.

We hope the attack ends soon and we can go back to enjoy cruising!

is the master server under attack again? because i can't connect to any server at the moment........
Infortunately yes...
These days it just comes and goes, cannot really predict it...
Just a quick tip to know if the master server is attacked, go to, even on guest login, and check the total online racer graph, if it's at 0 players or a very few amount, it's that the ddos happens...

Another quick tip (this is the one i use)
This is a live tracker, if its low then its under attack.

May be the attackers that are the only ones connected?
Devs have released a new test patch which claims to make the situation a bit better:


Test Patch 0.6R8

- A more robust method for connecting to the master server
- Skin downloading now works with the updated website
- Warning: Replays might not be working?


They say "0.6R8 is compatible with 0.6R" so it's safe to update.
First tester have reported that replays does not work on 0.6R8.