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Full Version: 2017 Easter Egg Hunt
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Dear RC cruisers,

I have the honour to announce you that I'll be holding 3 Easter egg hunt for the 2017 easter.

What is the easter egg hunt?
It's a event in which we will be searching for easter eggs around the map, thanks to the InSim, we will use a four tires high little white tire stack as easter eggs. (or another coulour that I will announce after placing it)
[Image: NtU28ZH.png]

I, as the event holder, will be placing a easter agg somewhere in the track, and then I will announce the coulour. You will have to find it and hit it with your car. The winner, that will found the easter egg/tire stack, will be rewarded randomly by the InSim. For example money prizes reaching up to 50.000€, or a bankslot, or bonus increase and lot's of other cool stuff.
Once a easter egg got discovered, I'll place another one, and so on.

So for the 3 events, Saturday's and Monday's one will last around 1 hour, could be more if the event is successful.
For Sunday's event, it will be different. I will place many eggs around the Kyoto maps, early in the morning (no scheduled time, it's a surprise Wink ) and you will have to find them during the morning. The event will last at least for 24h, but I'm sure that some eagle eyes will find them before. Smile 

Schedule :
-Saturday 15th April : 22:00 - 23:00
(please note that it can start earlier, depending my free time, and can end later)

-Sunday 16th April : At a certain time in the morning... 

-Monday 17th April : 22:00 - 23:00
(please note that it can start earlier, depending my free time, and can end later)

/!\ All times are UTC+2/CET (european/french time) /!\

I hope to see you many Wink 
Credits to [RC]George (GeorgeForeman) for the picture and some text I have lazy-ish copy/pasted :>
Good morning everyone.

I just received a texto of the Easter Bunny, in which he's telling me that earlier this morning, he dropped around 30 eggs somewhere at Kyoto!

So, good luck for searching, and don't be selfish Tongue
So far, look like it was successfull as the only eggs remaining were bugged. So I decided to be generous and placed around 30 news eggs, good luck Smile
As the 2nd set of eggs got discovered, the event is officially finished Smile

See you tommorow for the last easter egg hunt @22:00 baguette time.
Important Notice :

As the track rotated today on RC Servers, the last easter egg hunt planned this evening at 22:00 will be hold on Westhill track (only around the main track, not open track) on server #2.

See you this evening!
Events are now done. Thanks to cruisers and members who made it active.
Thank you very much for holding them, too bad I could only join the last one Sad

Anyway, it was quite fun even for only the one event I could be in, thanks a lot! Big Grin