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Full Version: Introducing new server format
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Hi all,

In the next two days (today and tomorrow) we have planned to change the format of the RC servers. Currently we have a server available for each track. This array of servers will be reduced in size to 4 servers:

[RC] Reality Cruise
This server will be running a voted track. You will be able to vote once a week to choose the track for the following week for this server. On Mondays at 12:00 noon (Central European Time) the server will change to the voted track automatically. Everybody will be safe spectated so the bonuses will be saved.

[RC] Reality Cruise 2
This server will be rotating through all the tracks in sequence. If the voted track is the same as the next track in the sequence then this track will be skipped in order to not have two servers with the same track. The rotation will happen at the same time, in the same way as server #1.

[RC] Reality Cruise 3
This server will be running the S3 track - Rockingham. It will not rotate to any other track. Once LFS S3 becomes mainstream it will be possible to use Rockingham in servers #1 and #2 but for now the S3 track will have its own dedicated server in order to allow those who do not have LFS S3 to play.

[RC] Events
Event business as usual.

We will be turning off 3 empty servers in order to set these new servers up. The plan currently is to not close the currently populated servers in order to not kill anyone's bonus. We will most likely password these populated servers until everyone transitions to the new servers naturally.

Keep in mind this is a new transformation for RC and it will be a test. It may work or it may not work but we feel like this is the best time to do the transformation.

Voting tracks will be possible from any of the 4 servers using the !votetrack command. You will be reminded in the chat during the week Smile

That's all for now, thanks.
Nice  Big Grin but can the same server be voted on each week? Smile
(11/07/2016, 22:42)Matsern Wrote: [ -> ]Nice  Big Grin but can the same server be voted on each week? Smile

Nice work povo Smile
The servers are now live! Don't forget to !votetrack each week Tongue
Seems like there is a bug with LFS when switching track to Westhill causing people to time out due to the big layout. We have found a fix for this and it shouldn't happen again!