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Full Version: LFS News - S3 Content Rockingham is out
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Check out the latest news post:

Currently all our servers are still running on 0.6J, so if you want to update to 0.6K, you currently can't join.
We will notify you, as soon as we upgraded to 0.6K!
HYPE! I'm giddy like a child! Smile
[RC] is now running on the current version 0.6K
(19/12/2015, 20:09)GeorgeForeman Wrote: [ -> ][RC] is now running on the current version 0.6K

Is it possible to open the S2 servers for 0.6K? Atleast till I can upgrade.

If servers are going to run on s3 it'll be the end RC for me for a moment...
That needs a little explanation:

The new Update is not equal to S3.
It just has S3 content wich is Rockingham.

Currently you can still continue to join all [RC] Servers except Rockingham, with your S2 licence, after you updated LFS to the current version. (0.6K)

Only to use [RC] Rockingham, you need to upgrade your licence to S3.
I want my fu..... Scirocco -.- *aaahhhhhhh*

Ok now its better Smile
Quote from newsletter mail:
> Although S3 content is already being developed, we cannot provide a guarantee that it will be released.

They should port there business model to a Game as a Service or something with monthly income, so that they are able to hire some game developer. :/
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