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Full Version: Website/Forum Changelog
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Website/Forum Changelog

So I decided to make one of these threads for the website/forum too so people can be made aware of any changes.

Added an LFSWorld icon to forum posts which shows the status of the LFS account (whether it is offline, spectating or racing). By clicking it you can also view the accounts profile on the RC servers to see their stats. It might be useful for checking stuff. This will only work if the user has typed the correct username into their forum profile.
Optimised shoutbox loading a bit, it should now load a lot faster.
Finished up changing the colour of the buttons from blue to red (it only took me 2 years)
After another forum update shoutbox has disappeared. It will be readded when I'm not so lazy.
"Thanks" button has also changed to "Rate" (wtf?!)
  • Added a new shout box system
  • Fixed account activation emails not being sent
  • New features on statistics page (more results, top cars)
  • Lap times page created
  • Fixed player name decoding (some names had strange characters on the website)
  • Removed "Worst Criminals" and "Worst Cops" from website statistics
  • Added LFS status icon to "classic post display" mode on the forum
  • Fixed URL to RC profile on forum posts