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Full Version: Cruise System Changelog
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20/02/2018 - 3.6.0
  • Added Job Stacks! type !jobstack [3-15]* to enable next job in the agency to be stacked as multiple jobs simultaneously**

* number is optional - default is 3. To cancel - type same command without number.

** bonuses and job following is same as normal jobs.
24/02/2018 - 3.6.0a
  • Added more streets and speed zones to Westhill and Rockingham maps
26/02/2018 - 3.6.0b
  • Changed track fee to be paid when leaving pits instead of leaving track - this helps prevent big amounts of negative cash
  • Added prevention mechanism for negative cash players - you can drive certain cars only if you have a certain sum of cash on hand (see below).
  • When switching server, time-outing or being safe-spectated you can leave pits with the same car you driven before to avoid paying track fee again!
if you have less than 0 you can't drive these cars:
if you have less than -1500 you can't drive these cars:
    RAC, LX6, FZ5
if you have less than -2500 you can't drive these cars:
    RB4, FXO, XRT
if you have less than -3500 you can't drive these cars:
if you have less than -4000 you can't drive these cars:
    XFG, XRG
06/03/2018 - 3.6.0c
  • Changed cop checkpoint orientation when using !setcp
  • Added total drive and play time information to !showoff
  • Removed prompt to vote for track if you already did this week
27/03/2018 - 3.6.1
  • Added TOW system. Players can be assigned to work as TOW'ers - help people that are calling for tow.
  • Added new command !calltow - which brings up menu for setting reason and reward for the tow.
  • Added caution/siren for tow in progress.
  • Added some helper commands for tow workers (WIP) - !flip and !recall which either flip car on wheels or teleports car to command user.
10/04/2018 - 3.6.2

New features:
  • Bank chases ( still in testing mode - expect some bugs Smile ) 
  • Special jobs in all car factories - 
  • new job-like challenges that require adding some modification to your setup (silver tier and above) and keeping your speed above or between specified range for a certain amount of time.
  • Added lapping info (when new pb is set - shows position in leaderboard)
  • New random facts! (~1500)
  • Added commands from !help to random messages
  • Better command handling
  • changed !today, !carinfo and !showoff behavior:
  •  - !stats - Shows your stats to you
  •  - !showoff - Shows your stats to everyone 
  •  - !carinfo [car] - Shows your car info to you 
  •  - !showcar [car] - Shows your car info to everyone 
  •  - !today - Shows your today stats to you
  •  - !showtoday - Shows your today stats to everyone new commands:  
  • !jobinfo - shows current special job information
  • !towhelp command with list of available commands for tow
  • !help and !adminhelp paging
  • Fixed "new player in community" bug
  • Added more bugs to fix later
11/04/2018 - 3.6.2c

New features:
  • Improved lapping info: !getmypb has now [car] and [track] parameters, which are optional - if track is not provided - it takes current track, and if both are not provided - takes current car and track to show leaderboard info.
  • Added new bonus mode: persistent bonus - each 50 km you get €250, but bonus does not reset after pitting or spectating. Note: this bonus mode doesn't count towards "most bonus completed" statistic - bonus number always stays 1.
  • Few more commands for admin for damage control after rammers in car park
  • !bonus now has optional [mode] parameter - S, L or P to choose mode instead of going through all of them
  • Fixed license name handling - commands support usernames with spaces again
  • Fixed gps not working properly with jobstacks
  • Fixed paging issues with some commands
  • Added slightly less bugs to keep it fun

20/04/2018 - 3.6.2e

  • Tow workers don't lose SR when bumping into each other (when involved in the same tow job)
  • Tow workers now have to pay for using !flip and !recall - really try your best to rescue players without the commands
  • Raised default tow price suggested in !calltow to 250€
  • Raised maximum distance and made special job rewards more appropriate for their tier
  • Fixed bug where tow workers could use !flip off-duty 
  • Fixed few grammatical errors
26/04/2018 - 3.6.2f

  • Special job description now only show restrictions that need to be added to the car
  • Improved special job generation and reward calculation algorithm
  • Improved police system does not allow cops to re-join chases if they already chased
  • Improved police system does not allow cops to join chases if they were not on-duty when chase started
  • Fixed rewards over €1000 overlapping text in special job list
  • Fixed second bank location in Aston
  • Fixed Kyoto car dealer opening while not on ramp
  • Moved special job HUD and tow HUD to fit between mini map and F12 menu in most cases
  • Fixed bank robbing system bugs (status, cop count, etc)
  • Fixed bug where cops were not put off-duty while disconnecting
25/09/2018 - 3.6.2i

  • Switching server in a formula car now first tows it to the garage (for the tow cost), then switches servers. This way you can't abuse switchserver for towing formulas.
  • Fixed safe spectating would cancel a current job/stack
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