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Offering FZB was may be a bad idea,

will not be really helpful to new people. Angel
Ok, we decided to end the poll and replace the UFB with the L4B today.

So, if you want to earn double cash for jobs, use UF1 or L4B from today.
Fzb!! Ftw
Maybe time for change, f5b anyone? Wink
(26/09/2015, 16:58)Hekazi Wrote: [ -> ]Maybe time for change, f5b anyone? Wink

Maybe, but as PVL said, FZ5 will be a harder car to earn at the beginning, maybe an XRG or XFG double earn? Without restriction, or maybe one of the TBO's car with 30% restriction.
For now we will stay at L4B, its to well known to all people. For our reset coming one day

we have already decided to set the F5B as the double paid car beside the basic car. Wink
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