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[GUIDE] How to become a better cop
How to become a better cop

Hello guys! In this topic i will try to teach you to be a better cop! In this thread you will get small usefull information you can use on-duty. You will also get some tricks to be a faster and safer driver.

I've make it in some points, to make it more manageable for you to read.

  1. General
  2. Saftey
  3. P.I.T. manouver
  4. Speed


1. General

When you are on-duty, as cop, its verry importent to show you as a good and respectfull driver. Also when you are in a chase. Its about always to hold the blod cold, and keep focusing on the track. When you aren't in a chase, you have to follow the rules on a road.

The cops have to show a good example to the cruisers, because the cruisers have to follow their rules, to have a clean, and less crasches on the server as possible. The cops have to show a good behaviour in the chat, as well on the track.



It's really importent to have a clear driving as cop. That can be really hard when you are driving in highspeed chases. You are chasing the suspect, and its your job to always have a look on the map, and make sure you dont cause accidents. Thats just verry hard, when the suspect is driving like... and dont even thinking about to watch the map. This can maybee help you. When you are driving in highspeed and comming to a turn, take a look on the map. Its really importent, to see if there is comming some cars, and there they are comming from.
I think most of the cops are watching the map, and needs to use 1-2 seconds to find theirself on the small minimap sometimes. I use rotate map, and i thinks thats alot easyer. When you are on the track, you can almost find yourself on the track within the same. That can also be advantage, because its easyer to see where the roads are comming, if its a left or right turn, and where the cars are comming from.
The rotate map setting, can be found in: Options -> Display -> Rotate small map.

All tihs with the map above is verry hard to check while driving. You have to focus to pushing the car to the limit in every corner, to get close to your suspect, while you have to take care for the incomming traffic. If you havent looked on the map, before entery a turn, then take it in your own lane, and keep right in the exit if the turn.


P.I.T. manouver

Yes. The famous P.I.T. manouver, wich everyone knows.

Its a verry importent move to learn when you are a cop. It can be used to damage the suspect car, and it can beused to block him. Even with a box P.I.T. or get him offroad if you are more in a chase. Its verry hard to the the perfect P.I.T, and it needs training to learn it. It can be verry dangerous for you, when you are driving 200 km/h, and tryes to P.I.T the suspect. A small lag can cause you fly out of bounds, or loose controll. When you are driving 200km/h the car has alot of G's so it can easely slide out. THats why i think you have to do a harder pit, as heavyer your suspects car is. A harder pit means where you have more distance to the suspects car, and maybee uses the full track, and when you are close enough just smash into the rear of him. You can't offcourse do that in condition 3. A good idea when you pit on a long straight run, is to get so close to your suspect as possible, and draft behind him. When you are close enpugh, pull out, and in behind he's rear wheel verry fast. Then it's hard for him to block your P.I.T.

Another thing i think is really importent, is to P.I.T from the oppisite site of the driver. So if the driver is left hand driver, then you P.I.T him on the right, and otherwise. This helps because the suspect dosent have the windows to look at, and only got the mirrors. He hasen't alot of overview if you P.I.T. him on the oppisite site where he's driver position is.

Here you can see the P.I.T in details



Speed is 99% of the chase. If you cant keep up to the suspect, you have lost it.
Im not a proffesional driver, and a expirence driver, so i will just talk out of what i think works.

First of all, the its a good idea to have the right set-up. You can find some setups on the internet, or you can ask other players in the server, about to send their setup, or even make it yourself.
A good setup for cops needs to last long, be fast, and stable. In your setup you needs to have atleast 20% fuel for longer chases.
Its importent the tyres dont overheat after 1-2 laps,(I dont prefer R2 tyres) and you dont run out of fuel after 10 kms. If you have a lot of setups to choose and you dont know wich one to choose, go offline, and drive 3-4 laps with the sets, compare their laptimes, tyre temp and handling, to change lane fast, hard braking, sharp turns, u-turns etc.

Turns is also importent. To make a good turn, you have to go wide into the turn, get as close to the rail or the grass as possible, and let the use all the horsepower as early as possible. This will give you a good speed in the exit of the turn, and it will get you close to the suspect. In every turn, it's al about to push the car 99,99% every time, to get the best speed in- and out of the turn.

[Image: thumb-14D8_5093AFB8.jpg] (My skills in paint!)
Imagne that this corner is before a long straight run. If we say thet your suspect's speed of this exit is 170 km/h and your exit speed is 175 km/h. Then will you always be 5km/h' faster than your suspect (Depending on the setup of course), and theese 5 km/h's can help alot in the end of the sraight.

Braking is alose a big part og speed. Its about to brake so hard that your wheels dont block, and you still can finish the turn with a good line, and in the same time brake so late as possible, to get close to the suspect. A technique to brake faster, is the "downshift technique"(Also called "Heel and Toe"). Thats about to use the power from the engine, to make the car brake. It's verry hard to learn, and master well.
Lets say you are driving a FZR on a long straight run. You have to go like 50 km/h. You drive in the 6th gear. Even if you brake as hard as possible, your wheels dont block, so here the downshift technique can help you. WHen you are going in the 6th gear, and going to brake, you can shift directly in the 5th gear, on the same time, while you are braking. When you are in the 5th gear, just keep the brake, and be fast to pull it in the 4th gear. TO master this technique you need to practise it alot.

I've found a real life video, where a guy tryes to show us how to master the downshift technique

And here is a video with the tqchnique in action

You can do that while braking, untill the wheels begins to block.

I can reccomend this site . It has alot of more usefull informations, and elaborations of what i tryed to teach you


Well.. Im out. I hope you've got some usefull information, but remember: Im just a noob :-)

Sorry for my english, but i hope you understand it. If not, you're free to write a comment, pm or ask me ingame what i mean with this, and that.

I will update this later, with my driving experince. You are free to write some tips wich could be usefull for this little guide. I know some of you knows more than me, and is faster than me :-)

Thanks for reading!

Good job mathieSmile
[Image: image.png]
Thank you :-)


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