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Cadet Application Siikais1
LFS Username: Siikais1
Ingame nickname: FPD™ClassY
Age: 20
Driven distance in RC: » Distance: 2,501.156 km (2)
Why do you want to become a RC Cadet?: To Protect and serve and to chase suspects who's overspeeding or are reckless
Cadet/Officer experience in other servers? (Yes/No): Yes
If so, in what server and for how long?: Cadet at [CLC] for 2months or more [LCS] for some months
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Thank you for your application!

Here is a small list for you to do first:

Make sure you are familiar with the rules and everything is working before you ask a coptrainer for the actual coptest. When the test starts, you need to be ready!
Here is a list of the [RC] Coptrainers.

You may also ask them, or any [RC] members for help to prepare for the test (setting up strobe, downloading skins...).

Good luck!
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Application failed on 04/10/2019

Regarding the rules: they were not known very well. If it were only up to the rules you might have even had passed...

In the practical test you failed several times to avoid my brake-checks, making my car almost undriveable in condition 1 already at least once.

Speed was not really enough to keep up with me even if I wasn't pushing it, something to improve too.

You might blame it on the car, the setup... but in the cadet test you are allowed to drive any car, the one you can handle the best we assume. If that was your best shot I'm afraid it is not enough to become a Cadet.

My suggestion is to get used to your car better. Push it to the limits and try to improve your driving at those levels. Practice all kinds of turns, brake situations, etc... so you can be prepared for almost everything.

After that, re-read rules, study them... you have to know them better. Once you can tell the rules without looking at them you should re-apply.

Next application will be possible from 18th October on. You have (at least) 2 weeks to improve, and of course you can take more if it's needed, nothing wrong with that.

You were enthusiastic, don't give up just because you failed. I encourage you to re-apply in the future.
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This little light of mine... I'm gonna let it shine!
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