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Tow Rules and Handbook
Please make sure you read this handbook for tows carefully before being on duty as TOW!

By being on duty as TOW we assume that you have read and understand the rules. It is your responsibility to be up-to-date with the latest rules.

Failure to stick to the rules will probably make you lose your tow rights.


1. How to get on duty:
First, put on TOW tag by changing your name to "[TOW] Nickname". Color patterns available are:
[Image: YldduRG.jpg]
Blank space between tag and nickname may be omitted if necessary due to lack of space.

The usage of flashing lights is a must when responding to a call and when you are helping the caller. At least constant lights on (key 3) and hazards (key 9) have to be used. Optionally, RC Strobe can be used to flash front and rear lights.

You can get the RC Strobe software and the up-to-date skins from Downloads.

2. Tow insim:
[Image: NNNsawc.jpg]
(no active calls)

[Image: tOxyaVI.jpg]
(active calls)

[Image: PA7XrHb.jpg]
(responding to a call)

You can see the tow panel on the right side of your screen.  
To respond a call all you have to do is click on their name in the tow panel.
If you cannot complete the call you must press Cancel Tow.
If you successfully helped the other user then you must press Tow Successful. Keep in mind that by doing this the user will pay the predefined amount and you will receive it, so only press it when you have actually finished the tow.

3. Tow binds:
There are not official binds, you can use your own binds to announce your answer to a call, danger, tow completed... etc.
Tow binds are not mandatory, but they will help to let other users know what the situation is.

4. Communication between tows:
When several tows are on duty at the same time good communication might be useful (who responds to a call, how you want to help the user.. etc. For the best communication we strongly recommend using TeamSpeak (ip:
Unlike for on duty police, there are no private chats between tows. You can simply use the regular chat or !gc.

:: RULES ::

1. Cars:
1.1. - TOWS are allowed to drive any car that has a correspondent official tow skin. We strongly recommend using RB4 or FXR.

2. Behavior as a tow:
2.1. - All Civilian Rules apply to TOWS.
2.2. - TOWS are allowed to do jobs.

3. Tow skins and strobe:
3.1. - On duty TOWS must always use official skins.
3.2. - When answering to a call and towing someone you must use visual sirens. Revise "1. How to be on duty" from tow handbook in order to get more details.

4. Special tracks' zones:
4.1. - As an on duty TOW you are not allowed to drive:
  • Through red tires.
  • Wrong way in the pit lane.

[Image: HIwTBH8.png]
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We decided to give TOWs more freedom, and that's why we have removed the following (old) rules:

2.2. - TOWS must follow all rules regarding safe driving. This means no speeding, no drifting, driving on the left side of the road and respecting traffic lights.

2.4. - Once you are responding to a call you may go above the speed limit/wrong side, but if you cause a crash you need to say sorry. Watch the map and look for oncoming cars before you wrong side.

4.1 - Across the pedestrian bridge at Westhill. It is located near the Job Agency, and passes next to Opel factory.

Now TOWs can drive as any other civilian without sticking to speed limits, traffic lights, etc...

This means they can be chased just as any other civilian, being up to them to stop immediately or go through the chase.

[Image: HIwTBH8.png]
This little light of mine... I'm gonna let it shine!
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