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Mads74 Cadet Application
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LFS Username: Mads174
Ingame nickname: [DD] Mads Jensen
Age: 18
Driven distance in RC: 3.194.840+ 
Why do you want to become a RC Cadet?: To Protect and serve and to bring peace on the server  by punshing reckless drivers 
Cadet/Officer experience in other servers? (Yes/No): Yes
If so, in what server and for how long?: Officer at WKD for 3months until i got banned for having an issue with the owner  Angel

Danish Devils Leader 
[Image: F2rIAvV.jpg]
Thank you for your application.
Here is a small list for you to do first:

Please read and watch:
- Cop Rules and Handbook.
- Cop Instruction Movie.

Please download:
- Cop skins.
- Strobe

Make sure you are familiar with the rules and everything is working before you ask a coptrainer for the actual coptest. When the test starts, you need to be ready!
Here is a list of the [RC] Coptrainers.

You may also ask them, or any [RC] Members for help to prepare for the test.

I'm on holidays at the moment, so I cannot test you until mid-January at least. In the meantime you can keep studying the rules and practicing for the practical test Wink

Thank you!
[Image: HIwTBH8.png]
This little light of mine... I'm gonna let it shine!
Coptest failed today:

Binds not ready
Strobe not ready
Appalling attitude to other cruisers

You may reapply on 23rd February
[RC] Laura
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LFS Username: romanbaggio
Ingame nickname: DomdaCz
Age: 27
Driven distance in RC: 3,261.371 km (3)
Cadet/Officer experience in other servers? (Yes/No): No
Please, open your own thread by clicking here:
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This little light of mine... I'm gonna let it shine!
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