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Run-4-jackpot UF1 (XMAS '16)
This event is part of the RC-Christmas-Countdown, check this thread for the whole Event!

Run-4-jackpot UF1

Target of this event is to complete as many jobs as you can in 1 hour in an UF1, on Blackwood, without making pit stops, nor !tow, nor anything similar that resets your car. And being signed up for the jackpot.
So you need to drive careful to avoid crashes, because you can't do repairs...
Get crashed by someone? Bad luck Wink
Other people are allowed to help you when you are on your roof or stuck.

Winner will be whoever did the most jobs in that time span.

Event will take place at:
Saturday, 17.12. - 19:00

We will meet at Bank 15 minutes before the event starts (i.e. 18:45 UTC+1), then you will be asked to do !today.
After the event we will meet there again, to do another !today.

- 1h job run.
- Only UF1 allowed.
- Track is Blackwood.
- No pit stops or !tow at all!.
- Mandatory to be signed up for the jackpot!.

The pot will be 1/10th of the main Christmas-pot.

The pot will be divided using this Formula:
[Image: eMDj0gC.png]
[Image: HIwTBH8.png]
This little light of mine... I'm gonna let it shine!
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So... the jackpot was actually won during the competition Big Grin

It wasn't written down here and I explained it to the guys participating: the fact of winning the jackpot would made that person finish the first, no matter how many jobs he had done at the end (hence the name of the event).

And well... it was won like 10 minutes? after the competition started, early winner while the others were still hoping to get either a jackpot or do the maximum amount of jobs possible Wink

Here are the results:
1st: Ponczek - 31 jobs and 1 jackpot - €347.947 + Jackpot (it was around €200.000)
2nd: Hekazi - 41 jobs -  €208.768
3rd: Darkie - 39 jobs - €149.120
4th: Bies - 38 jobs - €115.982
5th: System - 35 jobs - €87.595
5th: Apo - 35 jobs - €87.595
7th: Iceman - 34 jobs - €69.589
8th: Mads - 15 jobs - €61.402

Thanks again to everyone who participated Wink
[Image: HIwTBH8.png]
This little light of mine... I'm gonna let it shine!
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