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XFG/XRG race (XMAS '16)
This event is part of the RC-Christmas-Countdown, check this thread for the whole Event!


- We drive the timed lap on South City in XFG or XRG (any of your choice), no other cars allowed.
- The one who finishes 25 laps first will be the winner.
- You are allowed to make pit stops and also to do !tow. BE CAREFUL OF THE PIT SPEED LIMIT ON THIS TRACK (80km/h)!
- Other people may help you, when you are on your roof, stuck, etc.

As this is an "illegal street race" we do not stop the normal traffic for the time of the race. It is in your own responsibility to watch out for civilians and avoid crashing into them (drive on the right side, watch the map, etc.).

Race will start at:
Saturday, 10.12. - 17:00.

We will meet around the bank area 15 minutes before the race starts (i.e. 16:45 UTC+1), to determine the starting order by random numbers.
After that you must do !tow (or shift+p, or shift+s, or similar), to reset your lap counter. Drive directly to the starting line after that and wait for the race to start.

The pot will be 1/10th of the main Christmas-pot.

The pot will be divided like this:
[Image: eMDj0gC.png]
[Image: HIwTBH8.png]
This little light of mine... I'm gonna let it shine!
I have to say this was a very interesting race! Crashes, fails... everything happened and to everyone! Not the cleanest race I have ever assisted to hah Wink

Just a quick reminder to the people who were in the server and not racing: we allow people doing jobs and/or cruising while we have the races because that's the point of a "illegal street race". However, what we don't tolerate is people taking advantage of that situation to troll and/or to mess around, and we made it clear with the actions taken on certain guys.

Anyway... I got the results over here...

STARTING GRID (assigned randomly):
1 - Apo
2 - Grim
3 - Stormer
4 - Demon
5 - System
6 - Darkie
7 - Caltec

1st - Darkie - €367.978
2nd - Apo - €220.787
3rd - System - €157.705
4th - Caltec - €122.659
5th - Demon - €100.358
6th - Stormer - €84.918
7th - Grim - €73.596

Once again, thanks a lot to everyone who participated on the race, it was quite exciting! Smile
[Image: HIwTBH8.png]
This little light of mine... I'm gonna let it shine!
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