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Aston Events 15th July - 17th July
All Times Are UK Time

Aston Jobfollow 15th July (7pm - 9pm)

Not sure where all the job locations are on Aston?, then come and join us on a 2 hour jobtrain!

Get a helping hand to learn the Job Locations by a experienced member of the RC team.

Be sure to join in as you will need the knowledge for Sunday evenings Job Competition event!


UF1 Bowling 16th July Starts at 14:00 Aston (POSTPONED)

Come over to Aston to have a game of bowling with the UF1 to win cash prizes!

We will play 3 rounds. Each player has 3 "throws" per round.

  • Drive down the bowling alley, jump over the ramp and hit the tirestacks.
  • Only Uf1 allowed.
  • Only completely fallen over tirestacks will count.
  • Each fallen tirestack is worth one point, hit all nine tirestacks and get 10 points.
  • Of course: Don't drive back into the tires after the jump!


UF1 Destruction Derby 17th July 14:00 - 15:00 (Aston)

Come to Aston to have a go at Destruction Derby in the mighty UF1!

The last UF1 that can drive by it's own power will receive a cash prize

After that a new round will start, 6 Rounds will be played.

Each round is limited to 10 minutes. If there is no winner, the prize will be divided between the last drivers that can still move.

  • Only UF1 allowed
  • No ramming or hitting outside of the closed derby area, or while you wait for a new round to start. (kick)
  • When you are not able to move anymore by your own power, you must leave the derby area immediately
  • You are not allowed to help other players to get back on their wheels!
  • You must stay in motion. No standing around to cool your clutch, or hiding behind objects.
  • Most important: KILL EVERYONE

Aston Job Competition 17th July 19:00 - 20:00

Come along and test your knowledge of Aston in our Job Competition! Using UF1 L4B or the RCB!

Do as many jobs as you can in 1 hour and win a cash prize!, the more jobs you can do the bigger the prize!

  • No Jobfollowing.

Donations (CURRENT POT SIZE 1,000,000)

200000 - [RC] Laura
100000 - [RC] Dan
250000 - [RC] Reyju
250000 - MALAUVA
100000 - [RC] Berni
[b]100000 - [RC] Aposki[/b]
[RC] Laura
[-] The following 9 users say Thank You to [RC] Laura Lou for this post:
  • [RC] Aposki, Berni25, Bies, [RC] Caltec vca, [RC] DarkTuning, Enko11, [RC] GeorgeForeman, Matsern, [RC] Povo
Jobfollow event is finished Smile

Thank you to Berni for taking the lead Smile

[RC] Laura
[-] The following 5 users say Thank You to [RC] Laura Lou for this post:
  • Berni25, [RC] Caltec vca, [RC] DarkTuning, [RC] GeorgeForeman, [RC] Povo
Laura what now?? we still have tre events back....
I will be very sad. If your absence has something to do with what happened in France..
or any other somewhat ugly.

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