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Jobcompetition : L4B @ Westhill - 11th June

As we already had jobcompetition with UF1 and RCB, I thought it would be a good idea to run one with the L4B. So following George's advice, there it is!

So this jobcompetition will be running at Westhill with the L4B (LX4 with 30% intake restriction). Target is to complete the maximum of jobs during 1 hour. No pitstop and no !tow allowed, pray to be lucky and don't get crashed  Big Grin
Beeing helped by another player is possible ofc.

The event will be hosted the Saturday 11th June, @ 22:00 / 10:00pm UTC+2
(click on the link to get time on your area)

We will meet 15 minutes before the start at the zone beside FIAT (back of the carpark), will ask you to did a !today
After the time has elapsed, we will meet again @ FIAT where i will re-ask for a !today
To help to recognize which driver is attending to the event at the moment, you should wear a job tag like this : [JOB]Nickname
(the nickname will be in white)

Winner will be the driver(s) who succeed to do the most of jobs during this hour.

Quick summary :
-1h Job run
-L4B only
-Westhill server
-No !tow, no pit stop

Current potsize : 
2,780,000 €

Donations : 
-Starting pot : 200,000€
-[RC] Laura : 100,000€
-[RC] Aposki : 100,000€
-[RC] Hekazi : 200,000€
-[RC] RoBear : 500,000€
-[RC] Reyju : 100,000€
-[RC] HTarv : 150,000€
-[RC] George : 250,000€
-[RC] JAGG. : 400,000€
-[RC] CALTEC : 200,000€
-[RC] Bies : 150,000€
-Stormer : 100,000€
-*‹[F&F]Drkei : 80,000€
-MALAUVA : 250,000€

For the rewards, it will be divided with the basical formula once used with George's excel skills  Big Grin
[Image: eMDj0gC.png]
[Image: sign2010.jpg]
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So far, here are the results.

[Image: sans_t10.png]

Thanks and gratz to everyone.
[Image: sign2010.jpg]
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