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David + Goliath Race (Easter2016)
This event is part of the RC-Easter celebration, check this thread for the whole Event!

David and Goliath race

This event is a team-crash-race.
One player in a UF1 (David) needs to complete 3 laps on Westhill, while his partner in a roadcar of his choice (Goliath) protects him and trys to kill all the other UF1s.
We will play 2 Rounds. After the first round David and Goliath may switch roles (or partners) if they wish to.
For the time of the event Safetyrating will be disabled.

Event will take place at:
Monday, 28.3. - 18:00
Time is UTC+2, click the time for the time in your area.
Server will be [RC] Westhill.

We will meet 15 minutes before the race starts beside FIAT, to do the organisation and introduction.

-The UF1s will get a signal to start. Then they need to do either !tow, or shift+p/shift+s to reset the lapcounter, join the track and immediately start their run.
-The Goliaths will need to do the same routine roughly 20 seconds later. They will get an individual start signal.
-Everyone may ram everyone, but ramming will only be allowed between the participants of the event.
-Only the UF1 needs to finish 3 Laps (lapcounter switches to 4).
-When you did your 3 laps, stop at a safe place behind the finish line, don't do the next split!
-After his team mate finished, the Goliath is supposed to park beside him and is not allowed to interfere with the rest of the participants anymore!
-You need to use team-colored names, with [D] and [G] tag.
-No signup is needed. Just gather up with your partner at FIAT 15 minutes before the race starts.

The pot for each run will be 1/14th of the main Easter-pot.

The price for each team will be calculated using this Formula and then seperated 50/50 between the team members:
[Image: eMDj0gC.png]

Hope everything is clear, now go ahead and find your partner! Smile
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Last minute change:

Since [RC] Westhill is completely full atm. This event will happen on a Westhill copy on the Eventserver.

Event will take place at:
Servername: [RC] Events
forget it. it is obviously not possible to have a second westhill on the event server.

Event will take place on westhill as originally announced
This was a total mess. Big Grin
Beside having lots of fun killing each other, some of the normal cruisers got involved in this and were beaten up accidentally. Sorry about that!
But beside that, it was totally refreshing to beat the living sh*t out of some poor UF1! Big Grin

Anyway this are the results:
[Image: 7ualzui.png]

[Image: mD72hFd.png]

And the replay if you want to have a look:

Hope you all had fun!
We will definitely do this again, but hopefully with less collateral damage Big Grin
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