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King of the (West)Hill
UF1 - King of the Hill!

[Image: mrq4RoK.jpg]

Target of this event is to push your opponents out of this ring, or on their side/roof.
Winner will be the last one who is up there and still able to drive. Big Grin

Event will take place at:
Sunday, 14.02. - 17:00
Sunday, 14.02. - 21:00
Times are in CET (UTC+1), click on them for the times in your area.

Drive into the area and pick a side. The gate of the area will eventually be closed and you will get a signal to start.
The last UF1 that is up there wins.
After that a new round will start.
10 Rounds will be played.
The prize for each round will be 1/20th of the pot.
Each round is limited to 3 minutes. If there will be no winner, the prize will be divided between the last guys still up there.

-Only UF1 allowed.
-No ramming or hitting outside of this closed area, or while you wait for a new round to start. (kick)
-When you are not able to move anymore by your own power, you must leave the ring immediately (!tow, shift+s, or similar)
-You are not allowed to help other players to get back on their wheels!

The Pot will be filled by donations.
Any donations are welcome until the start of the first Event. Just give it to me ingame and make sure i will notice it. Smile
Current pot size:

Donations received:
100.000 by George
100.000 by Hekazi
150.000 by Hawk
100.000 by Bies
150.000 by Robear
10.000 by System
20.000 by Bolinho
250.000 by Berni
10.000 by Fleischiii
100.000 by Jagg.
10.000 by J. Clarkson
[-] The following 8 users say Thank You to [RC] GeorgeForeman for this post:
  • Berni25, bolinho, [RC] DarkTuning, Fleischiii, [RC] FSR-System, JAGG., Kitty, [RC] robertr
Session 1 is finished Smile

[Image: LmaMTFs.png]

[Image: dqgNJj9.png]

Because of the huge ammount of splitted pots, i decided 3 minutes is too short, so the second part of the event will be played with 5 minutes timelimit each round. Smile
[-] The following 3 users say Thank You to [RC] GeorgeForeman for this post:
  • [RC] DarkTuning, [RC] FSR-System, [RC] Hekazi
Session 2 is finished Smile

[Image: YAsJWkA.png]

Cash for the Bonusround (without walls and no timelimit), was donated by Hekazi and Opaali, 10.000€ each. Smile
[-] The following 5 users say Thank You to [RC] GeorgeForeman for this post:
  • [RC] DarkTuning, [RC] FSR-System, [RC] Hekazi, Opaali, [RC] Povo

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