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UF1 - Ski Jumping (Christmas)
This event is part of the RC-Christmas-Countdown, check this thread for the whole Event!

UF1 - Ski Jumping

This is what we will do:
[Image: 9yrzDcT.gif]

Event will take place on:
Sunday, 13.12. 21:00 on the Event server
Time is UTC+1 (CET), click on it for the time in your area.

Only Uf1 allowed.
Wait for your name to be called, THEN join the track, drive down the ramp and jump.
Don't drive around after the jump.
Stop your car immediately and wait for the safespec, so that the next one can join.
To measure the length of the jump, rows of cones are placed in the landing zone.
Your target is to jump over as many rows of cones as possible.
Regarding of how many rows you cleared, you will be awarded points.

Hit the first row - 1 point.
2nd row - 2 points.
12th row - 12 points.
Clear all rows - 14 points.
Miss the ramp - 0 points.

As soon as you start rolling, your jump will be counted (no stopping and calling for a new try)
We will play 4 rounds. Each player has 3 jumps per round.

The pot for each round will be 1/20th of the main Christmas-pot.

The pot will be divided using this Formula:
[Image: eMDj0gC.png]
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That looks just too awesome  Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
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Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme! Smile
[Image: 3oEjHBivLgjp6eXew0.gif]

RC] Dan
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Was my idea btw Angel

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