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UF1 Halfpipe Derby (Birthday)
This event is part of the RC-Birthday celebration, check this thread for the whole Event!

UF1 Halfpipe Derby

Target of this Event is to ram your opponents, till they can't move anymore.
Winner will be the last one who is able to drive. Big Grin

Event will take place at:
Friday, 11.09. - 19:00

We will do this in the two halfpipes on Blackwood, on the big parking lot behind the pits. You can reach that area when you drive immediately right onto the bridge right after the pitlane entrance.
Drive into the halfpipes and pick a side. The gate of the area will eventually be closed and you will get a signal to start.
The last UF1 that can drive by it's own power is the winner.
After that a new round will start.
6 Rounds will be played.
The prize for each round will be 1/42th of the main birthday pot.
Each round is limited to 10 minutes. If there will be no winner, the prize will be divided between the last guys still driveable.

-Only UF1 allowed
-No ramming or hitting outside of the closed derby area, or while you wait for a new round to start. (kick)
-When you are not able to move anymore by your own power, you must leave the derby area immediately (!tow, shift+s, or similar)
-You are not allowed to help other players to get back on their wheels!
-You must stay in motion. No standing around to cool your clutch, or hiding behind objects.
-Most important: KILL EVERYONE Big Grin
Aaaaaand it's finished! Smile

Lucky bastard of the day was for sure approx. Big Grin
He won almost every round!

This are the results:
[Image: Wf34Kop.png]
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