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LRF Race (Birthday)
This event is part of the RC-Birthday celebration, check this thread for the whole Event!

LRF Race

-We drive the timed lap on Westhill in LX6/RAC/FZ5, no other cars allowed.
-The one who finishes 20 laps first, will be the winner.
-You are allowed to do pitstops and also to do !tow.
-Other people may help you, when you are on your roof, stuck, etc.

As this is an "illegal streetrace" we do not stop the normal traffic, for the time of the race. It is in your own responsibility to watch out for civillians and avoid crashing into them (drive on the right side, watch the map, etc.).

Race will start at:
Sunday, 13.09. - 18:00

20 Laps will take about 45 Minutes to complete in LRF Class, but as you will never know what happens, the race will continue until the first one has finished this 20 laps.

We will meet behind the Pits 15 minutes before the race starts (17:45 UTC+2), to determine the starting order by random numbers.
After that you must do !tow (or shift+p, or shift+s, or similar), to reset your Lapcounter. Drive directly to the starting line after that and wait for the race to start.

The pot will be 1/7th of the main Birthday-pot.

The pot will be divided as seen below:
Winner: 1/3 of the pot.
2nd: 1/4 of the pot.
3rd: 1/6 of the pot.
4th: 1/8 of the pot.
5th: 1/12 of the pot.
6th: 1/24 of the pot.
Will do the same payout for this race as for the UF1 race.
Like this:
[Image: eMDj0gC.png]

Note that even the very last will get good cash, so make sure to finish Wink
The race is finished

This are the results:
[Image: RFkaQI7.png]

We had some pretty decent fighting going on in the first couple of laps.
Was great fun overall. Smile
Thanks to everyone for participating and special thanks to Fleischiii for not giving up Big Grin
Woop woop! The only time that i could possibly have a chance to win againts George Smile
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