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UF1 Race (Birthday)
This event is part of the RC-Birthday celebration, check this thread for the whole Event!

UF1 Race
on WE5 (Karting National)

-We will drive the original track (no layout on the track) in Uf1 (no other cars allowed)
-25 laps
-before the actual Race, the track will be set to 1 hour of Qualifying.
-no starting fee, no signup. Just show up and drive.
-Other than our normal procedure, this is not an illegal streetrace. Therefore, for the time of the qualifying and the race, going wrongway, stunting, or any other form of unsafe driving without the obvious intention of doing fast laps is strictly forbidden.
-Going afk is only allowed at the parking area (behind the small pitlane)

Server is: [RC] Events

We have a basic insim running, you will be able to keep your distance bonus and your bank bonus.

Qualifying will start at:
Friday, 11th of September, at 16:00
Race will start at:
Friday, 11th of September, at 17:00

Times are UTC+2 (Central European Summer Time), click them for the time in your area.

25 Laps will take about 30 minutes to complete in UF1, but as you will never know what happens, the race will continue until the first one has finished this 25 laps.

Starting order will be determined by the qualifying. The qualifying session will be opened 1 hour (16:00 UTC+2) before the race starts, so make sure to come in time to set a laptime.

The pot for this race is 1/7th of the main Birthday pot and will be divided like this:

Winner: 1/3 of the pot.
2nd: 1/4 of the pot
3rd: 1/6 of the pot.
4th: 1/8 of the pot.
5th: 1/12 of the pot.
6th: 1/24 of the pot.
Short shift of plans:
Qualifying is already active.
From now on, till the start of the race you can practice and set a time by doing so.
Last minute change!
Found a way to overcompliate the payout so no one can check if i'm keeping money for myself, get everyone who finishes a race, get some pretty decent cash depending of the number of people who finish. Smile
By this simple formula:
[Image: sjAeiIT.png]

herein is:
n=number of participants
X=your final position

Current potsize is: 2.150.000€
For this race we will reward 1/7th of it: 307.143€ all together.

if 10 people finish the race it will be divided like this:
1 - 86.699 €
2 - 52.020 €
3 - 37.157 €
4 - 28.900 €
5 - 23.645 €
6 - 20.008 €
7 - 17.340 €
8 - 15.300 €
9 - 13.689 €
10 - 12.386 €

for 6 people it will be like this:
1 - 107.190 €
2 - 64.314 €
3 - 45.939 €
4 - 35.730 €
5 - 29.234 €
6 - 24.736 €

Hope to get more people to finish the race to the very end this way Smile
wat if 8 people finish ?
(11/09/2015, 15:55)BiesPL Wrote: wat if 8 people finish ?

[Image: 60535592.jpg]
[Image: HIwTBH8.png]
This little light of mine... I'm gonna let it shine!
(11/09/2015, 15:55)BiesPL Wrote: wat if 8 people finish ?

Ask ur akvntant. Oh wait...
4 people Finished.
But noobish me forgot to safe the replay so i can't do decent Results Sad

But this is how we ended up:

Winner: HTarv - 130.040 €
2nd: Berni - 78.024 €
3rd: Bies - 55.732 €
4rth: George - 43.347 €
DNF: Reyju - 0€
DNF: DONG - 0€
DNF: (sorry i forgot your name :-( ) - 0€

someone remind me to save the replay next race! Big Grin
(11/09/2015, 16:58)GeorgeForeman Wrote: someone remind me to save the replay next race! Big Grin

Here's an idea:
[Image: monitor-w-post-it-notes.jpg]
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