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UF1 Bowling (Birthday)
This event is part of the RC-Birthday celebration, check this thread for the whole Event!

UF1 Bowling

This is what we will do:
[Image: 4l2x5x3.jpg]

Event will take place on:
Saturday, 12.09. 18:00 on Aston
Time is UTC+2, click on it for the time in your area.

Drive down the bowling alley, jump over the ramp and hit the tirestacks.
Only Uf1 allowed.
Only completely fallen over tirestacks will count.
Each fallen tirestack is worth one point, hit all nine tirestacks and get 10 points.
Since the results may sometimes differ clientwise, we will have 3 judges calling the points for each "throw".
If all 3 judges call different, the highest will count, else the majority.
Of course: Don't drive back into the tires after the jump!

We will play 3 rounds. Each player has 3 "throws" per round.
Each round will be rewarded 1/21th of the main Birthday pot, divided like this:
Winner: 50%
2nd Place: 30%
3rd Place: 20%

Hint: Make sure your car accelerates fast enough, probably use knobbly tires on the front axis Wink
Bowling is finished Smile

We played 5 rounds instead of 3, because not many People attended.

This are the results:
[Image: DpeuvN1.png]

[Image: 9Kvk31n.png]

Thanks everyone for participating Smile
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