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Giftbox Hunt (Birthday)
This event is part of the RC-Birthday celebration, check this thread for the whole Event!

On the Birthday weekend we will search for some Giftboxes!
It's a four tires high little white (other colores will be announced) tire stack Big Grin
[Image: NtU28ZH.png]
One of it at a time will be placed, somewhere around the track.
Your goal is to find it, and hit it with your car!
Everyone who does so, will receive some cool random prizes. For example money prizes reaching up to 50.000€, or a bankslot, or bonus increase and lot's of other cool stuff.
After that a new giftbox (tirestack) will be placed at a different place.

We will do this 4 times during the Weekend, each time lasting for 1 hour.
(maybe even more often, we will see...)

check the schedule in the main thread for the times.

So, polish your glasses and make sure to watch out for any Giftboxes Smile
Friday is the 11th, Sat is the 12th and Sunday is the 13th Wink
+ Who Is There?
- Rey
+ Rey Who?
(10/09/2015, 08:44)Reyju Wrote: Friday is the 11th, Sat is the 12th and Sunday is the 13th Wink

[Image: 26a420cfbaf5460f_image.png.xxxlarge.jpg]
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  • [RC] Reyju
I liked them more like i called them, but if you insist... Dodgy
Will try to be there! Smile
Nuclear Warhead

I am currently [Image:]

[Image: gVwX17A.gif]

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