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3rd Birthday of [RC]
[RC] is now 3 Years old!

To celebrate this, we will have a bunch of events this weekend, with lot's of prizes to win.

The main event will be the giftbox hunt, where you need to find a tirestack and hit it with your car, to win prizes up to 50.000€, or bonuslevel increases, bankslots and lots of other cool stuff Wink
Beside that we will have some races and jobcompetitions, a destruction derby, king of the hill and some bowling, where you can win lots of cash!
On top of that we will have the Rumble races on the event server and maybe (by public demand) the David vs. Goliath races.  This races will happen unsceduled, so make sure to stay in touch to not miss them Wink

On top of that, any Jackpot won this Friday Saturday and Sunday will be filled up by PVL to 1.000.000€
Make sure to get a screenshot! Smile


Friday, 11.09.:
15:00 - Giftbox Hunt (Blackwood)
17:00 - Uf1 Race (Event server) (Qualifying already running)
19:00 - Uf1 Halfpipe Derby (Blackwood)
21:00 - Giftbox Hunt (Blackwood)

Saturday, 12.09.:
14:00 - Giftbox Hunt (Aston)
16:00 - L4B Jobcompetition (Aston)
18:00 - Uf1 Bowling (Aston)
21:00 - King of the Hill (Aston)

Sunday, 13.09.:
16:00 - Giftbox hunt (Westhill)
18:00 - LRF Race (Westhill)
21:00 - Roadcar Jobcompetition (Westhill)

All times are UTC+2 (Central European Summer Time), click on the times to see the time in your area. Click on the events for further information.

All prizes, except for the Giftboxhunt, the Rumble Race and the David vs. Goliath Race will be taken out of the main pot, wich will be filled up by donations. Any donations are welcome, just give it to me (or any other [RC] Member) ingame, and make sure i will notice it. Wink

Final pot size:

Donations received:
200.000 by Reyju
300.000 by George
100.000 by Bies
1.000.000! by Robear
50.000 by approx.
200.000 by HTarv
200.000 by Berni
100.000 by DONG
YAY! Thanks "God" that i can participate! I will be for mostly everything I think, #NOLIFE.
+ Who Is There?
- Rey
+ Rey Who?
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Great. I'm busy. -.-
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RC] Dan
Good job, Alex
Guerilla event:

Any Jackpot won this Friday Saturday and Sunday will be filled up by PVL to 1.000.000€
Make sure to get a screenshot! Smile
Swapped times of todays Giftboxhunt, UF1 Bowling and Jobcompetition for organisational reasons.

The giftboxhunt will now be starting at 14:00,
The L4B Jobcompetition is starting at 16:00,
the UF1 bowling is starting at 18:00

edited first post accordingly

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