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[RC] Fun Competition!
This competition is to set to keep users fun , happy and most of all to enjoy eachother as a community!

The target of this Event is to complete as many jobs as you can (basically try your best) over a timespan of 2 Hours From Starting Time in an L4B to make it fun! Big Grin.

So, you need to drive a bit careful to avoid crashes because you will affect others who are part-taking in the competition. So please attempt to avoid crashes at all costs!

- 1 Pitstop Only!

Winner will be who did the most jobs between given time below!

Event will take place at:
Friday 14th of November 20:00(14th) - 22:00(14th) GMT+1 (Irish/English-Time).If you Want the time for your country go here!click here

We will all meet on [RC] Blackwood to do a !today and note your already completed statistics for that day 15 minutes before hand!
After the event we will meet there outside Pits to do another !today to note down the difference and calculate our winners! Big Grin

-2 Hours!
-Only L4B is allowed.
-Taking Place On [RC] Blackwood.
-Be careful when driving and take extra caution whilst taking part in the competition!


1st : 1/3
2nd : 1/4
3rd : 1/6
4th : 1/8
5th : 1/12
6th : 1/24

Donations :
10,000 from Reyju
50,000 from [RC] George
100,000 From [RC] Eagle
5,000 From xOdwer
10,000 From xOdwer
25,000 From Warrie
200.000 from Robear
50,000 From [RC] Dan

Pot Size :
[-] The following 1 user says Thank You to Ryan for this post:
  • [RC] GeorgeForeman
Since Ryan is currently "in jail" i'll take over this event.

Nothing will be changed, it will happen as announced.
Any donations you want to do? Send them to me, please.
...and Ryan is out of jail and back in charge Wink
[-] The following 1 user says Thank You to [RC] GeorgeForeman for this post:
  • Ryan
Okay guys we had a great turnout. Here are the results! Big Grin

1st Place : 150,000€
GeorgeForeman with = 93 jobs

2nd Place : 93,750€
Ryan with = 91 jobs
HTarv with = 91 jobs

4th Place : 56,250€
Hekazi with = 84 jobs

5th Place : 18,750€
Arion with = 82 jobs
Dan with = 82 jobs
Rey with = 82 jobs

8th Place : 0€
Berni with = 81 jobs

9th Place : 0€
Ernst with = 74 jobs
We have no 3rd , 6th or 7th placers because of 2 finishers for 2nd place and also 3 finishers for 5th place.

Hope everyone enjoyed!
[-] The following 2 users say Thank You to Ryan for this post:
  • [RC] Hekazi, [RC] robertr
Atleast i had lots of fun, hopefully everyone else had also.

Thank you Ryan for creating event like this once again Smile
[Image: 4uXBf8i.jpg]

[Image: dKSQJHx.jpg]

[Image: yw2CL4F.jpg]

[Image: NtYNkPg.jpg]

[Image: 2Lew1Bp.jpg]

[Image: ziLK2fA.jpg]

[Image: hZm0uFb.jpg]

[Image: 1p75oMB.jpg]

[Image: KbncDzT.jpg]

[Image: ChUe1gn.jpg]
cant see anything on those pics!
Nuclear Warhead

I am currently [Image:]

[Image: gVwX17A.gif]
Fixed them.
Could we do this again with Ryan included?
For sure we will do more jobcompetitions sooner or later. Smile
Still trying to convince people that 3h without pitstops are fun Big Grin

The "include Ryan" part on the other hand will not happen, since he is permanently banned.

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