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Cop Binds Script Pre-Written .
Here is attached a script that can be put into your LFS Folder via

Which will enable when u type //rccop
That all ctrl f1-f8 will become the cop binds(Make sure no binds are here or will be over-written). This is something i worked on for cops
so its premade and an easier solution for all cop department members instead of giving it to each new cop member manually. Please Sticky this thread Wink

Note : Do not change the scripts name nor the location where it should be put. Just add it to your scripts folder and when u do //rccop all is good.

Ctrl + F1 = Pull Over
Ctrl + F2 = Need Backup
Ctrl + F3 = Available for backup
Ctrl + F4 = Responding to backup.
Ctrl + F5 = Dont Interfer With Chases(Kick/Ban)
Ctrl + F6 = Hey sir/madam , any idea why your stopped?
Ctrl + F7 = Thanks,have nice day

Thanks All,

Download for script : https://www.dropbox.com/s/ko042phthbs2dl2/RCcop.lfs
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As a note, it will replace your current binds.
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Yes so if you want your current binds saved. Please make sure to save them as alt or just f1-f8 regular binds Wink

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