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[RC] Christmas Countdown 2016
[RC] Christmas Countdown 2016

We will celebrate Christmas on RC with a few different events Wink

From races to job competitions, adding as well some "fun" events Smile

Make sure to join all the events you can to get yourself a piece of the cake, or as we call it here, lots of money!!


Saturday, 10.12.:
17:00 - XFG/XRG race
19:00 - L4B job competition
21:00 - King of the hill

Sunday, 11.12.:
17:00 - David & Golitah race
19:00 - Destruction derby
21:00 - Giftbox hunt

Saturday, 17.12.:
17:00 - TBO race
19:00 - Run-4-jackpot UF1
21:00 - UF1 ski jumping

Sunday, 18.12.:
17:00 - L4B/RCB race
19:00 - RCB job competition
21:00 - Giftbox hunt

All times are (CET / Madrid-Rome-Berlin time), click on the times to see the time in your area.

Click on the events for further information.

I would like to hold some events on 24th and 25th, but I will be at home which means no LFS access. Anyway, I think there are plenty of them at the moment.

The prizes for each event (except Giftbox hunt) will be 1/10th of the main pot, which will be filled up by donations. Any donations are welcome, just give it to me in-game, and make sure I notice it!. I will accept donations until Saturday morning.

FINAL pot size:

Donations received: (thanks a lot!)
1.000.000 by Darkie
1.000.000 by Bies
500.000 by Aposki
750.000 by Caltec VCA
1.000.000 by Arion
30.000 by Povo
250.000 by System
4.500.000 by Robert
1.000.000 by George
500.000 by Reyju
750.000 by Grim
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