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RC's Happy Hour - robertr - 10/06/2016

                        Reality Cruise's
HAPPY (Bonus, Job, Lap, etc) HOUR

Object: Grab a little extra cash along the way with a minimum amount of (extra) work involved.

How it works: A random number of times per day, Happy Hour (and type) will be declared and any one who wants to participate, simply does what is required to receive an extra bonus

Method and Types of bonus:
 Distance Bonus: An extra amount (Possibly differing each session) for each persons first 50km bonus during the session

  Job Bonus: An extra amount for: (A.) a certain minimum number of jobs; or (B.) certain factory/factories to be randomly selected.

  Lap Bonus: An extra amount for Laps completed, above a certain number (possibly in a required car).

  Mini Jackpots: An additional factory or two, randomly picked with randomly picked multiple numbers to make it easier to win.

If anyone has any ideas for more, feel free to add below