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King of the Hill (Easter 2016) - GeorgeForeman - 25/03/2016

This event is part of the RC-Easter celebration, check this thread for the whole Event!

UF1 - King of the Hill!

[Image: mrq4RoK.jpg]

Target of this event is to push your opponents out of this ring, or on their side/roof.
Winner will be the last one who is up there and still able to drive.
Warning: This time the ring has a hole in the middle! Big Grin

Event will take place at:
Saturday 26.03. - 18:00 UTC+1
Click on the time, for the time in your area.

Drive into the area and pick a side. The gate of the area will eventually be closed and you will get a signal to start.
The last UF1 that is up there wins.
After that a new round will start.
10 Rounds will be played.
The prize for each round will be 1/70th of the main easter pot.
Each round is limited to 3 minutes. If there will be no winner, the prize will be divided between the last guys still up there.

-Only UF1 allowed.
-No ramming or hitting outside of this closed area, or while you wait for a new round to start. (kick)
-When you are not able to move anymore by your own power, you must leave the ring immediately (!tow, shift+s, or similar)
-You are not allowed to help other players to get back on their wheels!

RE: King of the Hill (Easter 2016) - GeorgeForeman - 26/03/2016

King of the Hill is finished.

It's for sure Hekazi Big Grin

This are the results:
[Image: ozowSa5.png]
The bonus round was sponsored by Hekazi (and won by himself) Big Grin