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Full Version: 1001/1000 KYOTO laps
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Post here you KYOTO laps as high as you can!

A 1001/1000 outcome is good for a reward of 100.000 in [RC] Cash!

So you would get 100 for each lap posted in this thread!

Lets say 716 laps would be 71.600 in reward!

[Image: 34e6p14.jpg]

P.S. This little event what i have going on remains till i decide otherwise
There you go 340 Laps done by me. Give me moeys Tongue

Laps done before le bies come for a restart
98 laps. 9800 please[Image: X8KRweB]
No cash needed, just proof of doing it at least once -)
[Image: LFS%202016-01-30%2011-53-38-36.jpg]

Did like 270 or something and then I forgot to check myself and wrecked myself
Same as Robert for me Wink

[Image: attachment.php?aid=851]
Donate your earnings to me, thanks.
(02/02/2016, 19:08)Povo Wrote: [ -> ]Donate your earnings to me, thanks.

If you post your KYOTO laps sure ;-)
Too lazy to cut the picture but here's another 300 Wink
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